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About Us

“Authentic”...When it comes to the Tribute Band world, that word seems to be used a bit more than it should be. SkynFolks was formed as a result of some very devoted musicians who wanted to bring a little more to the game than what they’d seen of Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute bands. They also knew how discriminating and tough real Skynyrd fans can be, so they set their performance bar high...really high.

The members of SkynFolks are seasoned professional musicians who have played with national acts like Leon Russell, the Allman Brothers Band, KISS, Collective Soul, and many others. However, from the very beginning, every member of SkynFolks knew that this was something different from anything they’d done before.

Brought together by luck, fate, devotion and drive, the members of SkynFolks pledged to create a band that would exactly reproduce the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. No improvisation allowed -- every part had to be played exactly like the original recordings. Constant practice honed the music like a razor. What emerged when they finished has never been done since the days of the original Skynyrd lineup. Totally authentic, accurate renditions of the music on the first 5 Lynyrd Skynyrd albums.

In the last two years, SkynFolks has played in venues of all sizes, including festivals, theaters, clubs, private parties, and concert halls. These performances helped the band build a rapidly-growing, enthusiastic fan base, many of whom have followed our performances to venues across the Southeast.


It's been a labor of love for SkynFolks to provide the kind of high-quality, authentic experience that honors the legacy of Lynyrd Skynyrd. SkynFolks provides a home for hardcore Skynyrd fans, and as those fans will attest...

"You need to see this band!"

Band Members

SkynFolks Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons: 

Vocals, Mic Stand, Alchemy

Clint Poe:

Gibson Firebird, Explorer, Vocals

David Head:

Fender Stratocaster

Rickey McCoy:

Les Paul, SG

Johnny Bullard:

 Firebird Bass,   Wolfman  

"T-wolf" Brodbeck:


Asher McKinney:




Good Ol' Days (Cumming, GA), Smith's Old Bar (Atlanta, GA), GEM Theatre (Calhoun, GA), Tannery Row (Buford, GA), Lake Lanier Islands (Gainesville, GA), Venkman's (Atlanta, GA), Red Clay Theater (Duluth, GA), Taste of Cartersville (Cartersville, GA), Jimmy's Tequila (Doraville, GA), Harley-Davidson Festival (Dothan, AL), Dixie Tavern (Marietta, GA), The Furniture Factory (Huntsville, AL), Sixes Tavern (Cartersville, GA)

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Rickey McCoy

Additional Info

Skynfolks logo website.png


SkynFolks - Freebird
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​"These guys are dead on Skynyrd. I've heard 1,000 bands try Freebird, but this is the closest version I've heard to the "One More From the Road" double live album." - Steve B., Venue Manager

“Holy crap!! These guys blew me away. No other band does what they do.” - Kim B., the Elton John Band


​"These guys put on a great show! Truly a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd." - Bryant W.

"Awesome band! Best Skynyrd I've ever heard live!...We will continue to follow y'all to your shows!!"  - Faye F.

"One of the best bands you will ever hear!!" - Tony C

“These guys are unreal! Awesome talent and a great show!” -  A.J. N.

“Magic. Pure magic. Excited to see where this road takes you guys!” - Debi Ann G.

“These guys are the real deal!! Awesome musicians.”
- Anthony H.

Skynfolks logo website.png

Song List

SkynFolks's material is drawn from Lynyrd Skynyrd's first five original studio recordings (1973 - 1977). The band plays all of the hits, near-hits, and deep cuts that continually evolve and keep fans on their toes and excited.

Call Me The Breeze
Don’t Ask Me No Questions

Double Trouble
Gimme 3 Steps
Gimme Back My Bullets
I Ain’t The One

I Got The Same Old Blues
I Know A Little
I Need You
I’m A Country Boy
Needle & The Spoon
On The Hunt
Poison Whiskey
Saturday Night Special
Simple Man
Statesboro Blues
Swamp Music
Sweet Home Alabama
That Smell
The Ballad Of Curtis Loew
Tuesday’s Gone
What’s Your Name
Whiskey Rock-a-Roller
Working For MCA
You Got That Right