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​"These guys are dead on Skynyrd. I've heard 1,000 bands try Freebird, but this is the closest version I've heard to the "One More From the Road" double live album." - Steve B., Venue Manager

“Holy crap!! These guys blew me away. No other band does what they do.” - Kim B., the Elton John Band


​"These guys put on a great show! Truly a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd." - Bryant W.

"Awesome band! Best Skynyrd I've ever heard live!...We will continue to follow y'all to your shows!!"  - Faye F.

"One of the best bands you will ever hear!!" - Tony C

“These guys are unreal! Awesome talent and a great show!” -  A.J. N.

“Magic. Pure magic. Excited to see where this road takes you guys!” - Debi Ann G.

“These guys are the real deal!! Awesome musicians.”
- Anthony H.

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